Trade Type: Engineering

Trades Duration: Two Year

Trade Sector: Construction

Minimum Qualification Eligibility: 10th Passed

ITI trade Surveyor is powered by NCVT.  ITI trade Surveyor  is a job oriented trade ITI trade Surveyor is suitable for government job and private job. This ITI trade Surveyor is very powerful for self-empowerment. This ITI trade Surveyor is perfectly design to fulfill industrial requirement of Indian Industries as well as International industries.

After completion of the course one should be able to perform and survey work and handling of different types of tools, equipments and instruments used in surveying and application of Total station, different types of Leveling and Theodolite.

Surveyor has a wide scope of Employability ranging from self-employment, contractual employment to Industrial jobs. On successful completion of this course, the candidates shall be gainfully employed in the industries for following occupations:

Trades Summery: 


  • Draw plane figure applying drawing instruments with proper layout and the method of folding drawing sheets.
  • Construct plain scale, comparative scale, diagonal scale and vernier scale.
  • Draw orthographic projections of different objects with proper lines, lettering and dimensioning
  • Survey with chain / tape and prepare site plan.
  • Survey with prismatic compass and prepare site plan.
  • Survey with plane table and prepare site plan.
  • Road Project with leveling instrument and showing Long & Cross section.
  • 8 Plane Table Survey.


  • Contour map with leveling instrument.
  • Perform site survey with Theodolite and prepare a site plan.
  • Prepare Simple curve by linear and angular methods.
  • Road Project with leveling instrument and showing Long & Cross section. , computation of earth work .
  • Surveying with Digital Theodolite and prepare site plan.
  • Road Survey.
  • Determination of distances by Tachometric method.
  • Determination of angles – traversing using digital Theodolite.
  • Survey with Total Station.
  • Preparation of plan drawing with CAD
  • Basic Training, internal assessment and Examination.